Best and most sophisticated camera bag to attend an event.

at events

"There's one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. »
Robert Frank

"in constant representation"

"Wedding photo shoots are very intense days, because in addition to always being vigilant not to miss an important moment, I am also in "constant representation".

During my first years, I had a classic camera bag. As it was a little too "sports bag" for my clients, I ended up investing in a bag from a luxury brand. I fitted out its interior with the compartments of my first camera bag.

This composite bag is not yet the perfect solution. Indeed, this leather bag weighs quite heavy and quickly shears my shoulders. In addition, it resists stains poorly: for two years my bag has had traces of cream puffs following a small accident during a celebration."

Sarah, 31
Wedding Photographer

contraste Facing field situations

Worried of not respecting the appropriate dress code? 

You can also bring our discrete bags to formal events.

Dissatisfied with bags that are too bulky and masculine?

Our compact and minimalist products are suited for both genders.

Concerned about damaging your clothes due to rubbing? 

Thanks to the rounded shapes and flexible materials, our bags remain delicate with any fabric.

contraste paris reception

Worried about missing the perfect moment to capture? 

Our camera bags open in the blink of an eye and your gear is always at your fingertips.

Uncomfortable about making undesirable noises?

Our accessories stay noiseless at all times.  

Tired of looking for your belongings in the bottom of your bag? 

Even your smallest accessory can instantly be spotted thanks to our vivid red interior.

contraste paris exposition

Tired of a badly distributed load ? 

Our strap protect your shoulders thanks to a soft and breathable cushioning surface.

Annoyed that your shoulder strap keeps sliding down? 

Our automatic locks keep your strap adjusted. 

Scared that a fall will damage your equipment? 

Our bags absorb shocks and keep your gear intact.

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Intense evenings

"I mainly work for festivals, galas and private events. When CONTRASTE offered me to test its two bags in real conditions, I thought about it. I can't take any risks with my clients. I can't put myself in trouble because it could make me miss the moment I need to seize. After trying the bags with my equipment, I said OK. 

I have the particularity of shooting in digital and also on film. So I always have two cases around my neck. The [COMPACT/180mm] was perfect so that I could always carry two complementary lenses, a flash and a dozen rolls of 36 exposures. Now, this little bag won’t leave me as it is very practical and discreet on a suit. 

Between two sessions, the [MESSENGER/290mm] allows me to replace my batteries and film and to recover my computer to quickly edit some images. You know everyone is always eager to get the images from the photographer." 

Francis, 56

"The images are there,
all you have to do is seize it." 
Robert Capa