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A must-have for everyday

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technologie shadow grip contraste paris imperméable étanche sac photo cuir noir toile enduite grain protecteur matière


The Shadow Grip canvas uses one of the most efficient coating technologies.
Thanks to the superposition of seven waterproof layers, this solution has successfully passed dozens of laboratory and field tests.      

Photo Showing Scratch-proof
Photo Showing Beautiful Grain Texture of Bag Surface


Laboratory tested, the Shadow Grip canvas withstands over 100,000 bending cycles and 50,000 abrasion cycles. This is why our bag is scratch resistant unlike a regular leather bag. 


Evoking the grain of iconic camera cases, the Shadow Grip texture offers unrivalled aesthetics, flexibility and grip.    

Photo of Water Border Zip


The Water Border is a high-end water-repellent zipper developed and produced by the Japanese market leader YKK. 

Laboratory tested, it exceeds 50,000 opening and closing cycles without significant deterioration. Covering its teeth, the matt black tape with a very fine grain stands as a barrier to all liquids.

Stay organized

L'Ouverture par le haut


Thanks to its top-load opening, the bag gives you a direct and quick access to all its content. Even opened during a hike, all your gear is held in place by high external walls.

A zen organisation

The Velvet Bento system is organised around an empty volume that can be easily split with modular padded dividers. All walls are made of high-density foam and also include zipped pockets. 

L'Ouverture par le haut

A technical velvet

A technical velvet offers the flexibility of the "hook and loop" system invented by Velcro. By the way, did you know that the name VELCRO comes from the union of the two French words « VELours » (velvet) and  « CROchet » (hook) ? We chose the Velcro technology because it offers one of the best durability, you will be able to attach and detach your dividers thousands of times without the velvet deteriorating. 

While evoking the warm light of a darkroom, the red interior of our bags offers a strong visual contrast to immediately spot out your smallest accessory. Finally, the lenses of your optics can be safely placed on this soft velvet.

contraste paris oeuf velvet bento


All walls and dividers are made of high-density foam that absorbs your movements and  possible shocks.

If you drop an egg on our foam, it will bounce back without breaking its shell.

contraste paris technologie sac photo cuir noir velours rouge
pochette zippée fermeture


Located inside the bag, the zipped pockets are perfect for securing precious items such as your passport, keys, SD cards, filters, cables... 

A secure closing

To counter the dexterity of pickpockets, you can bring both pullers of the single zipper against you. This way, it will be impossible for someone to open the bag without you sensing it. When you walk away from your bag, you can also secure it with a padlock. 

pochette contraste paris technologie sac photo cuir noir velours rouge
cadenas fermeture
pochette contraste paris technologie sac photo cuir noir velours rouge
stabilité pied

Steady on its feet 

With its two large non-slip silicone feet and flat bottom, your bag stands upright without wobbling.

Shoulder comfort strap

To relieve your shoulders and back, our Shoulder Comfort strap features a soft and breathable cushioned surface. So even a well-filled bag can be worn for several hours.

pochette contraste paris technologie sac photo cuir noir velours rouge
bandoulière confort shoulder comfort
pochette contraste paris technologie sac photo cuir noir velours rouge
sangles bandoulière


To adapt to all body types and situations, our lacquered zinc Tension Adjusters offer a quick adjustment of the Black Belt straps. Thanks to its automatic lock, your strap will never slide down. 


We guarantee our products for a period of two years. In case of damage or accident, you have the possibility to fill in this repair form. You will then receive instructions via email in order to return your bag.

Product care

For the exterior, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will be enough to remove all stains. Never use solvent. For the velvet interior, we recommend vacuuming and brushing.

To avoid premature wear and tear, please keep your bag away from direct sources of heat, such as radiators and car interiors in the summer.


Our sustainable approach begins with the creation of timeless products that will follow you for decades.

In order to limit our ecological footprint, our products are made exclusively from sustainable and vegan materials that require a low water consumption.

With our focus on quality and short supply chain, all our suppliers and leather workshops are located within the European Union.

find the format that suits you

sac photo bandoulière contraste paris cuir noir étanche voyage photographe compact messenger leica ordinateur femme randonnée

The ideal to carry your essentials
299 €

Ext. L.30 x D.18 x W.13cm
Int. L.28 x D.16 x W.11-15cm
Volume : 7L  Weight : 0,8kg

1 camera
compact or DSLR camera

1-2 lenses

Personal belongings:
a notebook, keys, a scarf, a small bottle…

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sac photo bandoulière contraste paris cuir noir étanche voyage photographe compact messenger leica ordinateur femme randonnée

The must-have for all your photoshoots
349 €

Ext. L.42 x H.29 x W.14cm
Int. L.40x H.27 x W.12-16cm
Volume : 17L  Weight : 1,2 kg 

2 cameras
compact or DSLR camera

3-4 lenses

Your personal belongings:
a 16" laptop, a document holder, a jumper…

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