Best contraste paris waterproof and anti-shock camera bag to travel with.

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"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, my camera is my passport."
Steve McCurry


"In 2016, during a hike in the mountains of Uzbekistan, two travellers, our guide and I were surprised by a terrible thunderstorm in the middle of our hike.

The rain was so intense that the canvas of my "waterproof" bag took on water from the first five minutes. Using a plastic bag, I tinkered with additional emergency protection. To escape the lightning that was coming, we hurried down the dripping paths at full speed.

Two hours later, we arrived at the refuge soaked to the bone. I immediately wiped my device carefully. It was still able to turn on, but a communication problem with the lens made it unusable. Beyond the material damage, I was so frustrated to continue two weeks on the Silk Road without being able to take a single photo.

Since then, I have become very critical of the adjective waterproof."

Julien, 29
Travel Photographer

contraste Facing field situations

Anxious to go out with your gear in bad weather?

Our bags protect it from extreme conditions: torrential rainfalls, sandstorms and avalanches.  

Concerned for damaging your belongings in the heat of the action? 

Our products have a tough skin which is scratch resistant.  

Scared that a fall will damage your equipment? 

Our bags absorb shocks and keep your gear intact.

Worried about missing the perfect moment to capture? 

Our camera bags open in the blink of an eye and your gear is always at your fingertips.

Tired of looking for your belongings in the bottom of your bag? 

Even your smallest accessory can instantly be spotted thanks to our vivid red interior.

Upset by accidental stains? 

The water-repellent exterior can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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 Tired of a badly distributed load ? 

Our strap protects your shoulders thanks to a soft and breathable cushioning surface.

Anxious about getting mugged? 

Our bags keep a low profile and help you travel incognito.  

Annoyed that your shoulder strap keeps sliding down? 

Our automatic locks keep your strap adjusted. 

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For a long weekend in rome

« I had the chance to try the [COMPACT/180mm] for 3 days in Rome. I hadn't set foot in Rome in years so I wanted to make the most of it: my days were full between the Vatican Museums, my red Vespa and the trattorias recommended by my Italian friends. 

As I don't like to go back to the hotel during the day, I was delighted to be able to fill the [COMPACT/180mm] for the day with my Leica M10, two lenses, a city guide and a bottle of water and for the evening with my make-up and a scarf... 

The most impressive thing for me was the all-purpose side of the bag, it is like a modern handbag. It is always chic whatever the setting and very functional. The last important point concerns the comfort, I didn't feel any overload even at the end of the day. »

Barbara, 42
Passionate about travel and photography

"When I am asked what equipment I use, I answer my eyes."Anonymous